Clean-Cut Construction, Inc. is a residential remodeling contractor focused on creating exceptional living spaces within your home. The company specializes in old homes and traditionally-styled homes from stone farmhouses and Arts-n-Crafts bungalows to modern houses featuring Colonial and European architecture.

Refined Renovations
        When renovating, a large effort is concentrated on making the new changes blend with the character of the existing home. Renovations to old homes typically include conveniences of the new millennium; however, they can be added with subtlety to continue the original look and feel of the home. Enhancements are often made throughout the process in order to personalize and refine each project.

Integrated Additions
        When evaluating a customer's need for additional space, the rest of the existing home is also considered-inside and out. It is important that additions become a natural extension of the home and not an attachment. A balance of form (aesthetics) and function (from floor plans to mechanicals) is always a consideration. Additions can enhance a home if properly designed and executed.

Specialty Projects
        These are projects that generally require additional skill, willingness, and expertise in order to complete them well. Projects of this nature include historic renovations, home theaters, custom woodwork, projects conveying a particular theme, or projects that simply require extra attention to detail.


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